Men’s Waxing Guide

Men’s waxing has become a very popular practice nowadays. In the earlier days, waxing was believed to be for women only. With it having a lot of success among women, it drew the attention of the men with the need to experience the same. Today whether at the pool or beach you do find hairless men showing off their muscles. Here are some tips for men’s waxing.

male body waxing

Skin preparation
• Initial Assessment – An esthetician should first ask you several questions regarding your health or if you are taking any medication. The waxing expert should first let you know what she will be doing. We advise you to visit a waxing studio or spa and find people who are actually good and are experts. If you fail to do that, you might end up with someone who is not familiar with the procedure and could result in a very bad experience.
• Intimate waxing – Today many Men are looking forward to having their pubic areas waxed, but finding the right place or esthetician can be difficult. Find a place who actually advertises these services. Pubic are waxing is an intimate procedure so be ready to be fully exposed and understand that it can be a little painful, but with time the pain does minimize. The esthetician should give you advice on how to care for your skin after the treatment.
• Expectations – Not all the spas and salons do the men waxing. Men should first find a place that actually does these services. The place should be reputable and with experience.
• Pain reduction – Waxing can be painful especially the first few sessions. There are several ways to reduce pain and in order to survive the waxing session. One way to reduce pain is by taking pain medication. Another way is to not shave. Shaving increases the thickness of the hair which in turn makes waxing more painful. Our advice is to avoid any razors
• Cost – Men’s waxing prices vary depending on the service and also the part of the country you are in. May times waxing might seem expensive, but in realize razors can be expensive too. Waxing also helps with ingrown hair which to some people it is worth the extra cost.

Advantages of men waxing
• Men’s waxing ensures a smooth, clean, hair free body. Some men feel cleaner and sexier without hair. This could lead to self-confidence and increased spirits. Waxing can also last anywhere from 3-6 weeks depending on the person.
• Waxing is very fast especially when done by a waxing expert
• They are also done domestically.

Men’s waxing is not for everyone especially services like a Brazilian wax, but it is a service that is starting to become more popular among men and many spas are now providing services for men. If you are looking for a waxing spa in your area make sure to read several online reviews before making your appointment