How To Improve Your Skin Texture

How Skin Care Treatments Help Improve Skin Health And Tone

Being the largest body organ, the skin takes on more pressure and action than other organs do. Extreme sun exposure, aging, acne, and chemical exposure are some of the elements that lead to decreases skin liveliness and health. This is the reason why dermatologists recommend taking proper care of your skin by applying sunscreen, exfoliating, and good nutrition to help promote skin health.  Other skin care treatments that can help promote healthier and smooth skin include microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and facials. These treatment methods improve skin health through several ways. Some of these are discussed below.

Microdermabrasion is a procedure (non-invasive) that employs mechanical exfoliation to remove dead skin and any protecting barrier on the skin. Getting rid of dead skin and the stratum corneum leaves the skin smoother and fresher. This process also stimulates fresh skin growth by rejuvenating cell regeneration and growth.  The results are almost instantaneous leaving a glowing smoother skin. Microdermabrasion can also be used to prevent/treat acne infection especially if done regularly.

Chemical Peels
A chemical peel involves using various solutions (Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA), or Virality Institute Peel (VIP)) to help restore skin tone, pigmentation, health, and appearance. The solution is applied on the desired area to treat sunburns, sun damage, rough texture, acne prone areas, and wrinkles. The chemical solution works by peeling away dead skin and the top most layers which may have suffered from depigmentation.  The compounds also stimulate collagen production thus rejuvenated fresh skin growth and elasticity. Collagen is the compound responsible for skin cell regeneration, growth, and elasticity. Some of the main advantages of using chemical peel include improving skin appearance and hyperpigmentation, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, as well as reverse photo aging.

Facials are especially important for treating and preventing acne breakouts and other conditions that affect the skin. The process involves using a cleansing solution to open up clogged skin pores and get rid of sebum from the same.  Although most therapists will use natural cleansing remedies for facials, some experts may have to use a special instrument to remove sebum.  The Pure Skin, A San Francisco facial salon, use their own in house skin care products to produce astonishing results. Using skin care products that promote skin hydration and cleansing can also help control flare-ups and maintain a clear complexion.  Many acne breakouts and even rosacea are related to reduced skin elasticity, blocked skin pores, and sebum in these pores. Washing your face with pure cold water, using natural skin care products that promote hydration and exfoliation are some of the facials that help prevent various skin conditions.

Although these skin care treatment may help improve your skin health, dermatologists recommend following proper hygiene to reduce exposure to allergens. If going out in summer, consider applying some sunscreen, put on a hat or clothes that cover most parts of your body to reduce sun exposure and sunburns. Proper nutrition and drinking plenty of water is also recommended for improved skin health. Your skin needs plenty of water to remain hydrated, elastic, and smoother for longer. Drinking pure water and massaging the skin with essential oils is recommended for better skin tone and health.