What Is Manscaping? All You Need To Know

Manscaping has been important in the past few years for numerous men and San Diego Waxing Spa has been at the forefront delivery results to men all over. Women are now looking to find men who are at least well groomed with their hair. Loose hair and/or too much hair has been a turn-off.

Manscaping gives men the chance to have control over how their hair looks. It is like getting a hair cut and/or just going bald.

Men can choose whether they want to remove the hair with waxing and/or trim it down. Both go under manscaping in essence.

Getting that desired look begins with taking a proper trimmer and/or razor and working on the areas with care.


Why do men pursue manscaping? Let’s begin here because you want to understand the logic first. The logic is that manscaping makes it easier for a man to be physically attractive. The days of men having a lot of hair on their body and being attractive are long gone.

The general consensus points towards hair removal and manscaping and giving it a unique twist.

Cosmetics are the reason as you want that desired look where the muscles show and you look well touched up. There aren’t loose hair everywhere.


The general idea of manscaping is to trim and/or remove hair from various parts of your body. The person will target specific hair on their body and touch it up to look better. The hair does not just have to be in the pubic region to be a part of this process.

In fact, there are many men who manscape all of their hair and keep it at a certain length to ensure it does not become overbearing and/or ruin their appearance.

As mentioned cosmetics makes it impossible to avoid manscaping for men because it is not the standard being set right now.

Manscaping has come a long way and men are refining their techniques with time to ensure they get more done at home. They are touching up all areas of their body and getting the hair down to a reasonable level. Some men are blessed with a lot of hair on certain parts and having it touched up is key.

These areas can include the pubic region, chest, back, arms, and legs. You want to keep them down to a level that looks nice, but is not completely out of order. Each person has their own standard for this and that is where manscaping becomes a lot about creativity and control. Visit this website http://sandiegowaxingspa.com/hair-removal/men-manscaping/ to learn more about manscaping, waxing, and all services related to hair removal

What Does A Professional Makeup Artist Do

You might be a tad curious about the expertise of makeup artists, the beauty, and disguises they create using the tools of their trade. You tried learning through makeup 101 videos, made a halfhearted attempt at doing your face, and made the conclusion that it is not as easy as it appears.

A Makeup Artist (MUA) is a professional artist that uses mediums applied to your skin to enhance or transform your appearance. They are usually referred to as beauticians or cosmetologists but differs in a way that their specialization runs only in makeup and typically do not offer services like hair or nails.

The art of applying makeup goes back to ancient times, at least 6,000 years ago, where Egyptian Pharaohs employ servants specially trained in using cosmetics to make them appear like the gods. Recently, MUAs are hired to work with actors, politicians, television and movies, and theater productions.

What does an MUA do?

A big shot out to the professionals at MBS Makeup for giving us some ideas for this blog post. Their expertise has given me a unique insight to their world. A makeup artist skillfully transforms a blank canvas (your face) into the character or appearance you desire, usually within an allotted time frame. You might be too familiar with their work to enhance physical features and create a stunning appearance in special occasions like weddings, formal school dances, or fashion shows. But as time evolves, a well-established MUA can also serve as editors and columnists for beauty magazines, experts on panels, have their successful blogs, and write books about makeup implementation.

An MUA may specialize in various types of makeup and application methods including:

-Special Effects MUAs. Also known as theatrical makeup artists, they are professionals who spend long hours transforming a person into the desired appearance or character. Prosthetics are often used, and they tediously work on creating a perfect illusion as the job demands. They typically work hand in hand with the directors to give life to the vision for the actor they want to be portrayed. The pay for this job is very lucrative as the type of work they do is very selective and extensive.

Airbrushing, light bending, and high definition is some of the makeup illusions and application techniques made by special effects MUAs.

-High Fashion MUAs. They are the professionals who specialize in doing makeup in high fashion settings, for instance in the fashion runway, magazines, and video promotions for the fashion industry. They need to be proficient in creating the “perfect look” that will function well in magazine covers and special editions, and in runways. The needs of which in each setting vary. Magazine makeup needs to be subtle, and the MUA has numerous ways to adjust and perfect the look. In contrast, a runway makeup needs to bold (and durable) since it should hold up under the lights and heat.

Fashion makeup artists do not usually earn higher pays and can train in different ways ranging from attending a school specializing in makeup industry or apprenticing with an experienced MUA to learn the tricks of the trade. However, the more established you are in your work, the higher pay you can demand.

-Weddings and other special events MUAs. They are usually makeup artists without professional training but learned the art through experience. Pay for the job depends on the client and the “look” they want to portray. Weddings usually pay higher than other events like formal school dances or company year-end parties.

A makeup artist, often freelance, work in different places. Some have their studios, but most travel to site depending on the type of work required. High fashion MUAs often have the opportunity to travel around the world for photo shoots, just some of the perks accompanied with their jobs.

How To Improve Your Skin Texture

How Skin Care Treatments Help Improve Skin Health And Tone

Being the largest body organ, the skin takes on more pressure and action than other organs do. Extreme sun exposure, aging, acne, and chemical exposure are some of the elements that lead to decreases skin liveliness and health. This is the reason why dermatologists recommend taking proper care of your skin by applying sunscreen, exfoliating, and good nutrition to help promote skin health.  Other skin care treatments that can help promote healthier and smooth skin include microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and facials. These treatment methods improve skin health through several ways. Some of these are discussed below.

Microdermabrasion is a procedure (non-invasive) that employs mechanical exfoliation to remove dead skin and any protecting barrier on the skin. Getting rid of dead skin and the stratum corneum leaves the skin smoother and fresher. This process also stimulates fresh skin growth by rejuvenating cell regeneration and growth.  The results are almost instantaneous leaving a glowing smoother skin. Microdermabrasion can also be used to prevent/treat acne infection especially if done regularly.

Chemical Peels
A chemical peel involves using various solutions (Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA), or Virality Institute Peel (VIP)) to help restore skin tone, pigmentation, health, and appearance. The solution is applied on the desired area to treat sunburns, sun damage, rough texture, acne prone areas, and wrinkles. The chemical solution works by peeling away dead skin and the top most layers which may have suffered from depigmentation.  The compounds also stimulate collagen production thus rejuvenated fresh skin growth and elasticity. Collagen is the compound responsible for skin cell regeneration, growth, and elasticity. Some of the main advantages of using chemical peel include improving skin appearance and hyperpigmentation, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, as well as reverse photo aging.

Facials are especially important for treating and preventing acne breakouts and other conditions that affect the skin. The process involves using a cleansing solution to open up clogged skin pores and get rid of sebum from the same.  Although most therapists will use natural cleansing remedies for facials, some experts may have to use a special instrument to remove sebum.  The Pure Skin, A San Francisco facial salon, use their own in house skin care products to produce astonishing results. Using skin care products that promote skin hydration and cleansing can also help control flare-ups and maintain a clear complexion.  Many acne breakouts and even rosacea are related to reduced skin elasticity, blocked skin pores, and sebum in these pores. Washing your face with pure cold water, using natural skin care products that promote hydration and exfoliation are some of the facials that help prevent various skin conditions.

Although these skin care treatment may help improve your skin health, dermatologists recommend following proper hygiene to reduce exposure to allergens. If going out in summer, consider applying some sunscreen, put on a hat or clothes that cover most parts of your body to reduce sun exposure and sunburns. Proper nutrition and drinking plenty of water is also recommended for improved skin health. Your skin needs plenty of water to remain hydrated, elastic, and smoother for longer. Drinking pure water and massaging the skin with essential oils is recommended for better skin tone and health.

Men’s Waxing Guide

Men’s waxing has become a very popular practice nowadays. In the earlier days, waxing was believed to be for women only. With it having a lot of success among women, it drew the attention of the men with the need to experience the same. Today whether at the pool or beach you do find hairless men showing off their muscles. Here are some tips for men’s waxing.

male body waxing

Skin preparation
• Initial Assessment – An esthetician should first ask you several questions regarding your health or if you are taking any medication. The waxing expert should first let you know what she will be doing. We advise you to visit a waxing studio or spa and find people who are actually good and are experts. If you fail to do that, you might end up with someone who is not familiar with the procedure and could result in a very bad experience.
• Intimate waxing – Today many Men are looking forward to having their pubic areas waxed, but finding the right place or esthetician can be difficult. Find a place who actually advertises these services. Pubic are waxing is an intimate procedure so be ready to be fully exposed and understand that it can be a little painful, but with time the pain does minimize. The esthetician should give you advice on how to care for your skin after the treatment.
• Expectations – Not all the spas and salons do the men waxing. Men should first find a place that actually does these services. The place should be reputable and with experience.
• Pain reduction – Waxing can be painful especially the first few sessions. There are several ways to reduce pain and in order to survive the waxing session. One way to reduce pain is by taking pain medication. Another way is to not shave. Shaving increases the thickness of the hair which in turn makes waxing more painful. Our advice is to avoid any razors
• Cost – Men’s waxing prices vary depending on the service and also the part of the country you are in. May times waxing might seem expensive, but in realize razors can be expensive too. Waxing also helps with ingrown hair which to some people it is worth the extra cost.

Advantages of men waxing
• Men’s waxing ensures a smooth, clean, hair free body. Some men feel cleaner and sexier without hair. This could lead to self-confidence and increased spirits. Waxing can also last anywhere from 3-6 weeks depending on the person.
• Waxing is very fast especially when done by a waxing expert
• They are also done domestically.

Men’s waxing is not for everyone especially services like a Brazilian wax, but it is a service that is starting to become more popular among men and many spas are now providing services for men. If you are looking for a waxing spa in your area make sure to read several online reviews before making your appointment